Airheat/Geoheat Heat Pumps


Airheat and Geoheat heat pumps are designed to produce hot water for commercial and industrial applications.
Three models with different capacities are available, in air/water and water/water design, suited for hot water production from 5000 to 15000 liters / day.
Water is heated in one-pass from low temperature up to as much as 90° C, allowing to store it in water cylinders designed for stratification.
A reliable and innovative controller allows continuous operation at maximum efficiency in any climatic condition.

Among the advantages of Airheat and Geoheat heat pumps are:

  • Fast and efficient defrosting system in Airheat models
  • High protection of the refrigerating circuit, as the critical parameters of all operating conditions are constantly controlled
  • Multiple protection levels in the refrigerating circuit, to ensure complete safety of the unit
  • Easy to install
  • Due to the high temperature of water, small-size storage water cylinders are sufficient
  • No risk of Legionella bacterium growth