ENJECTOR ® : +15% efficiency, simple and reliable

Improving the efficiency of CO2 refrigeration systems

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ENJECTOR® technology encompasses a series of design solutions intended for the recovery of the energy contained in the high-pressure fluid exiting the condenser/gas cooler.
In one of the arrangements, recovered energy is used to obtain in a simple way the so-called "zero superheat" in evaporators, without the costs and the complexity associated with liquid refrigerant pumping.
It is well known that today, with existing solutions, the limit to increasing suction pressure is represented by the need to maintain at least a 7 to 10K temperature difference between the air to be cooled and evaporation temperature, so as to avoid the presence of liquid at compressor suction, which is the most frequent cause of compressor breakdowns.
With ENJECTOR®, this limit is removed. The evaporation temperature is always the maximum allowed by thermal load.
The control algorithm continuously researches the maximum possible value of SET for suction pressure (SST – Saturated Suction Temperature) at actual load conditions.

Optimal SET pressure only on thermal load.
A refrigeration system designed in this way assures:
  • Maximum COP (Coefficient of Performance) and, consequently, minimum energy consumption.
  • Maximum simplicity: only one air temperature sensor for each evaporator is required.
  • Minimum cost: swept volume of compressors and simpler installation.
  • Maximum reliability: there cannot be liquid at compressor suction and the ejector is a static device without moving parts.
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