Enjector presentation at ATMOsphere 2015 Europe

Successfull presentation of Enjector at
Chillventa 2014

Chillventa 2014 has been for Enex an opportunity to present the new range of refrigeration units, all available now with significant innovations.
Enex has presented at Chillventa 2014 a Neva series machine equipped with a version of "Enjector", an ejector used for the feeding of flooded evaporators. Enjector has received considerable interest and approval among many professionals.
The purpose of Enex has always been to offer solutions also valid where the normal CO2 machines cannot reach.
Innovative solutions now available increase the efficiency of refrigeration systems with carbon dioxide far beyond the current state of the art: Enjector, in the full version, allows you to get savings up to 25% compared to the current standard.

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